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What the World Should Know About________? Project

I teach a high school Social Studies class that emphasizes in developing English language development. We have started this project on creating info graphics that inform. Below is the nature of the unit and the general outline of the assignment.


The Technocratic Revolution: Science/Technology/Communications.

With the exception of communications-often coupled with transportation-this category of issues receives little attention in the earlier sources examined.  However, virtually all historical sources emphasize the role that science, technology, and communications have played in the lives of all humans.  The study of science and technology provides an ideal vehicle for social studies, as well as math and science learning.  Students will discuss both the pluses and minuses of the impact of science and technology on peoples’ lives (now and in the past) worldwide.

The communication cluster includes innovations, networking, freedom of use, the information revolution (access to, balanced flow, and censorship) and increasing speed coupled with decreasing costs.

While this unit is specifically directed at how science and technology are shaping the world, the significant study of past historical ideas and innovations can show us how change occurs in the past.


The history of human development is closely tied to ideas, technology, and the search for truth. This unit is an depth focus on the nature of those ideas and innovations that have contributed to transforming the global landscape as well as redefining human relationships. With technology and science as major agents of change, students will be asked to reflect on specific periods of scientific development in order to establish a broad perspective across regions and time.


· Students will identify key contributions to scientific thought

· Students will explain human achievements to science & technology.

· Students will differentiate between what is positive and/or negative about science & technology

· Students will analyze a period of scientific growth in depth by forming an essential question and building a document based product that supports the question.

 Task 2:  Infographic on Innovation – 

  • Choose one of the following:  glass, textiles, paper/money, energy, communication and construct an infographic with a target audience that is global. The title of the infographic is “What the world should know about___________________” (or a better title if your the creative type).
  • Read Five Things To Know About Technology and consider how changes and developments over time have been agents of change. (energy for example, with steam powering the Industrial Revolution, demographics changes accelerated.)
  • Consider how visuals may be integrated to form new ideas.
  • Use the Coffee infographic as an exemplar.
  • Weave history, statistics, and anecdotal research into the infographic; pique interest of the audience
  • Consider the power of continuity and color contrast/combinations when designing the infographic.

See examples of infographics; Tools for making infographics; Consider organization (timeline, subject, theme)


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Open courses: the Infographic

The proliferation of information is perhaps the biggest news story of history having repercussions in every facet of human experience. Jeff’s blog entry on the value of a diploma is an excellent place to start when considering the paradigm-shifting value of open course learning.

This summer I want to teach an open course class at Tim Pettine University. Any ideas what classes I should offer?

Open Education
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If today was 1989


I have to think that, for some very unconscionable reason, that a motive to be a high school teacher is that I really enjoyed my time in high school. I enjoyed the sports teams I played on, I loved my friends that I shared time with, and I can honestly say that the classes I took were fun (not all the time). I was blessed to grow up in the time and space of upstate NY where I was able to experience pretty much everything that I could have imagined.

Sitting around and playing with all the creative tools that make visual literacy happen in the world, I began to wonder what I could have done with such innovations such as the ipod, the smartphone, the laptop computer and it dawned on me that kids today aren’t really tapping the true potential of existing technologies for both academic and personal use. I am going back to 1989 and I’m going to show how these technologies could have significantly enhanced my teen years.

Here are some ways that the 1989 me would have utilized the 21st century tools:

1. love letters

I am assuming that email has replaced the love letter but that lacks creativity and imagination. I am wondering what teen boy with a crush on a girl has created the romantic powerpoint or prezi that shows they really want a date.

2. parent communication

I really want to go to that Bon Jovi concert or need $20 bucks to go see Pretty Woman with that girl I sent the awesome “love powerpoint” to. Prezi may work here to convince parents of the difficulties of adolescence.

 3. my friends

Facebook right. No, wrong. Friends require more effort. They require information and a personal touch that appreciates the time they covered for me when all the gin in Dad’s cabinet went missing or they are in a jam with the school bully.

That’s kind of lame I guess. Here are some other augmentations I would have made in 1989:

  • Instead of mixtape……play list to here my Vanilla Ice, Arrested Development, and Madonna, and Skid Row.
  • Evernote to run the 8,000 Sunday Errands my mother had me do like clockwork.
  • Slingbox to watch football while at my cousins horse shows and WKRP in Cincinatti
  • Flip video to refine my hitting in baseball
  • Twitter to really understand the events around the collapse of European Communism and Operation Desert Storm
  • Voicethread to ask girls out
  • Livebinders instead of Trapper Keepers
  • Youtube to get a laugh when ever a teen crisis kicked in.
  • Ebay to sell stuff if i needed some quick cash to shop at Chess King.
  • Google maps to find carnivals in the region to hone my skills at winning stuffed animals.
  • How Stuff works to get better at playing pool in my friends house or to distill my own spirits.
  • Shaving, typing, and spanish speaking tutorials
  • Self defense training
  • Visual and data collection for use in competitive swimming and Bell Biv Devoe analysis
I’m sure there are more but I have to get back to my wife and kids in 2011.