Social Media & Education

1. Consider the following questions regarding teaching in the 21st century:What skills are required in order to function and contribute in an accelerated environment?

What are the roles of the following in education? information; face-time; teacher;

2. Discuss the systemic changes to learning environments. What are the factors behind the changes and what does this mean for pedagogically sound practice?


3. Consider technology integration on a continuum: think, pair, share on what this looks like (where’s the evidence).

Four Stages of Technology Use

  • Substitution: the computer substitutes for another technological tool, without a significant change in the tool’s function.
  • Augmentation: the computer replaces another technological tool, with significant functionality increase.
  • Modification: the computer allows for the redesign of significant portions of a task to be executed.
  • Redefinition: the computer allows for the creation of new tasks, inconceivable without the computer.

4. Social Media in the Classroom —

Image made from Awesomescreenshot

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Review of Edmodo From March 31st 2011

5. Lesson planning, curriculum, & good practice

1. Blogging as performance  – ELA, Humanities, & Social Sciences/Math, Science

2. Websites & Information Literacy – Find information and verify it’s accuracy

3. Connectivism

4. Tagging

Collaborative Document of Ideas For Using Edmodo

100 Ways You Should Be Using Facebook in Your Classroom | Online College Tips – Online CollegesB.L. Ochman’s blog: Some Social Media Search Tools I Like: I’ll show …
Tools to help create your online classroom:

Diigo or Delicious
Google Docs, CalendarRSS Feedsu

 This is a job description from two weeks ago. What skills are they desiring from the applicants?

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