Product Based Design

LT: To introduce educators to core principles of design with the intention to provide feedback to students developing learning products that show understanding.

Design 101: What should I be looking for?

Design 101 ppt from cat_lot18

Here is an outstanding visual slide show with many excellent examples of design principles in action.

Strategies: What tasks can require students to exercise their design skills?

One thing to always keep in mind about design is it’s all about the visual. The Periodic Table of Visualization Methods is an outstanding resource with an exhaustive number of formats that lend themselves to student centered product based learning.

Strategy 1.  Create a pecha kucha talk utilizing a slideshow to communicate an idea.


STEAL THIS PRESENTATION! from Jesse Desjardins – @jessedee

Strategy 2.  Create an Infographic that utilizes data and research to communicate an idea.

Strategy 3.  Engage in the process of visual note-taking in order to think deeply and build visual cues to content/concept understandings.

Strategy 4.  Individual Students design and create a personal logo or brand that reflects their interests.

Tools: What are two or three really great tools that allow for effective design? 

Prezi  – Ideas matter….this tool can be used for presentation, processing, or collaborative, embeddable products. – Send a message by sorting the noise of data using icons, symbols, and images.

Pixlr – Provide both text and enhancements to personal images.

Resources every teacher needs:

1. Lesson Plan Template 

2. Color schemes

3. Resources like Flickr & these free for use images.

3. Generic Product Rubric




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