Infographics: Visualizing Research


“Every field has some central tension it is trying to resolve. Visualization deals with the inhuman scale of the information and the need to present it at the very human scale of what the eye can see.”

              ~ Martin Wattenberg in The Economist, 2010

Learning Target: Students will create an infographic to inform a global audience.

Background reading on visualization  or here

Just getting started with visual literacy? Then you need to bookmark this resource!!!

UBD – Lesson Example


Here is a short talk by Alex Lundry of Ignite DC explaining why we naturally gravitate to visual communication channels and what power data viz holds as a vehicle for subjective messaging in political communication.

Best blogs and & websites for Infographics
  1. – Awesome community for creating and sharing infographics.
  2. Cool Infographics.comReally well designed images displaying great data.
  3. Obizmedia  – Spend hours checking out these thoughtful visual displays of data.
  4. Information Aesthetics – The relationship between design and information.
  5. – Making sense of complex issues through data and design.
  6. Visual Complexity – A resource for the visualization of complex networks.
  7. Daily Infographic – A new infographic every day.
  8. GOOD Infographics – GOOD Magazine’s excellent infographics section.
  9. Information Is Beautiful – My favorite resource
  10. Infographic of the Day – Fast Company’s excellent and long running series.
  11. FlowingData – Exploring how designers, scientists visualize data.
  12. Datastore / Datablog – Two great data journalism sites from the Guardian.
  13. Infographics Archive – A visual library offering infographics.
  14. Visual Loop – There’s an infographic for it… even if it didn’t happen!
  15. Infographr – All about infographics.
  16. Newsilike – An infographics blog from India.
  17. Video Infographics – Motion infographics that explain, educate or inform.
  18. – A news and knowledge resource for data visualization.
  19. VisualJournalism – 80% of the news in infographics.
  20. Eagereyes – Reflections on the visual communication of data.
  21. Amazing Infographics – Cool information graphics.
  22. Submit Infographics – Share and rate infographics.
  23. The Infographics Showcase – Collecting infographics.
  24. I Love Charts – A Tumblr blog about charts.
  25. Well Formed Data – An infographics blog by a freelance data visualizer.
  26. Best Infographics – Pointing you toward great infographics.
  27. Infographic List – For those who love infographics.

Resources For Making Infographics: 

Creation and Design

Piktochart – Transforms your information into memorable presentations. 

  • – Create interactive charts and infographics.
  • Gephi – Like Photoshop for data. Graph visualization and manipulation software.
  • Tableau Public – Free data visualization software.
  • Free Vector Infographic Kit – Vector infographic elements from MediaLoot.
  • – Create infographics online.
  • Weave – Web-based analysis and visualization environment.
  • iCharts – Charts made easy.
  • ChartsBin – A web-based data visualization tool.
  • GeoCommons – See your data on a map.
  • VIDI – A suite of powerful Drupal visualization modules.
  • Prefuse – Information visualization software.
  • StatSilk – Desktop and online software for mapping and visualization.
  • Gliffy – Online diagram and flowchart software.
  • Hohli – Online charts builder.
  • Many Eyes – Lets you upload data and create visualizations.
  • Google Chart Tools – Display live data on your site.
  • Power Points to Infographics – Use a basic tool like ppt. and make infographics.

Creating Personal Infographics 

Resume anyone?


  • Biogrify – Create a fun visual snapshot of your life.
  • Vizify TweetSheet – Your Twitter activity as an instant infographic.
  • Photo Stats – App for creating iPhone infographics out of your photo data.
  • – A visual resume tool.
  • – Visualize your resume in one click.
  • Kinzaa – Build your infographic resume.

Images & Vector Graphics

 Free Vector search & Vecteezy

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