2 thoughts on “I Storified My Takeaways from EARCOS Teachers Conference 2015

  1. Britt KJ Thorpe

    Hi Tim, I was intrigued by your title. What is Storify? I opened it up and I see your slideshow, which is very cool. Please excuse my ignorance of Storify and share a bit… Is it an easy tool for creating slideshows? Google Presentation is so easy, but I’d like to know more about your tool…

    I love how people at conferences are now tweeting out the entire time to a hashtag specifically for the conference. I’m in Coetail course 5, but I haven’t attended a conference in ages. I’m excited to use Twitter in this fashion. It’s just amazing how a group of educators can work together to create a giant resource through a hashtag! I’m dazzled.


  2. Tim Pettine Post author

    Hi Britt. Sorry it took so long to respond. Storify is web application that allows you to pull content from lots of different places (FB, Twitter, Pinterest are just a couple). You then may embed the finished product into a blog/site. I like it very much – specifically if I am sharing with other educators – plus it retains a visual elements. Try it out…it’s very friendly.

    I agree – I feel like I never miss a conference now. And the hashtags are so helpful in following the ebb and flow of colleague thoughts and takeaways.


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